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(Psalm 121) Even when we consider his military conquest, we see that the driving force behind them was his attachment to God.The hereditary bloodline of King David will become the only legitimate royal bloodline in Jewish history.Kelley is in a snit because the mag unceremoniously booted her from the masthead of its current issue, citing her controversial book “The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty.” In an e-mail last week, Editor Jack Limpert lashed Kelley for what he called the book’s partisan timing and its irresponsible reporting about President Bush:“We are always willing to attack the policies, and the behavior, of the President,” Limpert wrote to Kelley. We felt strongly enough that we didn’t want readers to feel that your appearance on the masthead meant we endorsed the book.”Kelley, a contributing editor who’s been friends with Limpert for 32 years, says she was stunned to find her name dropped when she picked up the magazine. Bush, and Dick Cheney.” (Merrill served on the Defense Policy Board during Bush’s father’s administration and currently heads the Export-Import Bank — a position for which the president nominated him in 2002. I’ve stood by them.”Why didn’t Limpert pick up the phone to deliver the bad news?

Just once I’d like to have a kid come up to me and say, “You know, I really wanted to major in finance, but my parents forced me to major in art history.” That will never happen.

Now on this big day, your life takes an exciting turn. One leads to a soul-crushing job as a cog in the corporate machine.

After a relationship of more than 30 years, Washingtonian magazine and writer Kitty Kelley are divorcing, and the terms are not amicable.

I think you made a smart move when you asked someone who normally teaches at Yale. Since you got into Dartmouth, you spent one spring break unicycling across Thailand while reading to lepers.

You spent another exciting summer interning at a congressional office in Washington, providing your boss with policy advice and sexual tension.

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