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Alas, the unit LG had on hand to play with didn't sync with my demo G5, but some test footage viewed on that VR headset came out nice and crisp.

And it has a unique design angle: The bottom pops off to let you swap in a new battery, and add new snap-on accessories that change the phone's functionality.

You can also stream video and photos back to the phone via Bluetooth, or use the G5 as a remote viewer.

Discover a magical place that combines the Playstation®Camera with the unique features of the DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller for some augmented reality fun.

There's a fascinating spate of accessories to go with the phone, though what's really weird is how LG is characterizing them. They're "friends."​ It might sound kind of schlocky, but LG's sticking with this Friends branding to denote devices that extend what their phones are capable of without much in the way of setup headaches.

And, in fairness, some of these devices are properly cool.

Connect your motors, navigate to the Python folder and run The terminal will now let you enter letter commands corresponding to what you want the motors to do.

I wrote a review on Dexter Industries’ Raspberry Pi powered robot car, the Go Pi Go, a week ago.

Please keep in mind that I have only done this on version 10 and 11, so YMMV.

Open the VMware Workstation preferences from the File menu.

“w“, “a“, “s“, and “d” will move the Go Pi Go forward, left, backward, and right respectively.

LG basically just shot for the moon with the new G5, but that's not all the company's been working on.

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Using the resources that come with the Go Pi Go, I set up a car that can drive around looking at its surroundings and stream the footage to a browser page in just a few hours.

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