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opened with his story about how he became a champion for mental health in the Senate, and Patrick and Amy Kennedy spoke with Paul about the experiences that led them to form the Kennedy Forum, and where they hope to take the field.

The Clifford Beers Awards Dinner kicked off with a musical performance by Maya Kuper & Paul Mc Comas of the Dayna Clay Band, followed by speeches from MHA awardees Brandon Staglin, Kate Mahoney, and Nadia Ghaffari.

View the full list On May 4, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that allows churches and religious leaders to explicitly endorse or oppose a political candidate without penalty to their nonprofit, tax-exempt status.

But there’s a sort of twist in the middle of the film that casts new light on everything that came before, and that gives the feel of a thriller — one built on very recent history.

AASECT offers certification of sexual health practitioners in the following: sexuality educator, sexuality counselor, sex therapist and supervisor of sex therapy.

When it comes to sexual peaks, we might think of the carefree years, when we’re younger and free of dependents, as a natural zenith. In fact, there’s one group of adults who consistently have sex more often than any other, and it might come as a surprise to those who think having young children is all about sleep deprivation and mopping mashed food off the furniture.

What they wanted, it seems, was legal protection for religious institutions and business owners to deny services to same-sex couples and transgender persons.

I am a sociologist studying contemporary evangelicalism and sexuality, and my research shows that the political beliefs of white evangelicals have deftly shifted from the bully pulpits of the Moral Majority in the 1980s to cultural messages that appear hip and modern.

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  3. So many people say to me in the clinic, that they don't need testing because they always use condoms...? But the gamification of modern dating is not the future, and it's not healthy. I work in the clinics and do these tests day in and day out, for my patients. In fact, it's all very well to give advice to other people, but when it happens to YOU, it suddenly feels very different.