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i´ve been trying to get it listet on the musicman homepage for thievery protection, but thats not possible there. I also have an original Stingray 2, it was my main guitar for about 18 years. I've a G&L Asat now but I love hearing about these guitars. Z7352727187QQcategory Z2384QQss Page Name ZWDVWQQrd Z1QQcmd ZView Item : I AM DESPERATE TO FIND ONE OF THESE GUITARS IN IMMACULATE COND. The original Musicmans were finished in a polyester finish, which was much tougher that the laquer that were found of Fenders.

maybe if some more guys write them, so they may do so! It did have a tendancy to yellow more which is how you almost always find these Musicmans.

Hi - I'm looking to sell a Music Man bass I bought years ago, but know when i post it people are going to ask me to give more information about the year of the model etc, and I can't find anything on the bass itself to help identify it. Matt B Some pics in case it helps explain my story: monthly_06_2012/post-11459-0-26496400-1340363187Sorry Wayne - neck plate just said MUSICMAN, but hidden under strings on saddle bridge was the detail (thanks Luke/Hamster). And yes, it's a sunburst so MUST be at lest worth £10. Look for it in FOR SALE shortly Matt PS D06883 for those interested! There are a lot of people who want to own Stingrays (and a select group of individuals who hate them as well!! It's in the oriiginal sunburst colour - at that time (late 80s to mid/late 90s) EBMM ran a custom colour called vintage sunburst, with a price uplift. Fair condition, a few battle scars, but I like that anyway - chances are if it had been pristine I wouldn`t have bought it. Mine has a clear acrylic scratchplate which means you get to see more of the body in that lovely colour. My Bands Web Site My Feedback Just joined that Forum, looks quite good. Fair condition, a few battle scars, but I like that anyway - chances are if it had been pristine I wouldn`t have bought it.We have a HUGE library of templates dating back over thirty years, so if you dont see your model that doesnt mean we dont make it, it just means youll have to call 800-449-9348 ext.I have a MM Stringray II in superb condition (not quite mint - small crack - 2/3mm - on pickguard from one screwhole) which has been safely stored away unplayed for 5 years. No case though (tried to get one but it's too long for standard cases). As everyone knows, it's a dream to play but heavy by today's standards. its an 70s model in ash with blackpickguard at the moment i´m trying to find a picture in the net to show another friend! Purchased from Merv Cargill in Melbourne Australia around 1978 stingray 1 guitar on ebay right now .......condition ...i have a stingray 2 ...great guitars ! The Stingray 1 and 2 models differed only in that the two models had slightly different neck radius' and were offered in overlapping years. It is one of the original white bodies with the blond neck.The bass was so damn popular that you would see ads that read “Band Looking for Fender Bass Player”.It was a distinction that grew out of a way for band leaders to let the bass player know that he could leave his upright at home.

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