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In last month's case in Ohio, in which a 17-year-old girl filmed her friend being raped by a man they met a day earlier at a mall, a prosecutor said that the girl doing the filming just "got caught up in the likes."She and the alleged rapist have denied the charges, but the prosecutor also noted that the girl filming never called 911 and can be heard "giggling and laughing" during the video.

Twitter bought Periscope in 2015, and has told news agencies that it did not comment on individual accounts.

Coco Chanel, immortalized not so much as a young woman but as an elegant matriarch, retires nearby.

French women are known for their great, seemingly effortless style, that certain “je ne sais quoi”.

Those claims are being "treated with caution," local police said.

Those watching the scene unfold showered the Periscope feed with "likes" and comments, most of which seemed to be lighthearted in nature, and did not take the woman's threats of self-harm seriously.

The woman who committed suicide in France has not been named.

She had posted multiple times on social media about her intentions, and also said that she had been raped, naming the assailant, according to newspaper.

“The French Girl’s Guide to Summer Date Style.” You know it’s a racket, but you click anyway.

You already know what it’s going to say: Showing less skin is ultimately sexier than wearing something too short or too low-cut, and a natural beauty look is more appealing than obvious contouring.

Blue jeans, an off-the-shoulder top, a little red lipstick, and off you go into the evening. The effortlessly chic French woman is one of the most persistent tropes in our lifestyle landscape.

Some of these articles are written with a dash of knowing humor, because our French Girl obsession has become something of a joke.

(Last year, The Cut skewered its ubiquity in a post titled “97 Things You Can Do Like a French Girl.”) In fact, there are times when it seems like our French Girl may not even exist.

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In the end, though, some things are better left unsolved, and some clichés deserve to be indulged. Thirty years ago, Jean Touitou introduced a line of basics that would come to be known as A. Though Jane Birkin was born and raised in England, it was her years in Paris alongside Serge Gainsbourg that left an indelible mark on fashion.

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