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Rob was eyewitnessed kissing Kristen Stewart in Vancouver AFTER the cameras stopped rolling on their sequel New Moon.News of that hookup certainly unsettles Kristen’s steady boyfriend, former “24” actor Michael Angarano, who’se been dating the brunette beauty since she was 16. Here's what has happened so far:• The VMA nominations were announced on Tuesday morning.• Nicki's "Anaconda" video wasn't nominated for Video of the Year and she spent the afternoon tweeting about the snub.• Taylor felt like Nicki was calling her out and responded defensively on Twitter.• Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars got involved. ) boyfriend Meek Mill started a Twitter war of his own, accusing Drake of using a ghostwriter.• Katy Perry got involved. The current lady in Joe Jonas’ life is Sophie reporting that Camilla and Robert have had an undercover romance for a while now – one of her friends totally sold her out, saying, “She and Rob have been meeting up with each other for months, and she talks about him all the time.” Seriously, get off my boyfriend.No matter that Camilla is still dating Joe Jonas, the oldest virgin Jonas Brother. The song is about a girlfriend who is better than a previous love.

Camilla Belle Routh (born October 2, 1986) is an American actress.

Much to the dismay of curious teens around the world, the couple is choosing to keep the relationship a private matter - for now."They are not public about it, but they've just been hanging out with their friends and Joe's brothers," the source said.

As to how Belle managed to rein in the teen heartthrob, the insider says, "she's a really good girl and it seems they share a lot of the same characteristics and morals." Reps for Jonas and Belle had no comment.

“They have visited a museum together and even went to the park together on Thursday.” But the guys never butt heads because they have, like, an understanding.

“Whenever Joe and I like the same girl, we know that she’s going to like one of us more than the other,” Nick once reportedly said.

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