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The cancer care program encompasses advanced diagnostic imaging, sophisticated radiation treatment technologies and specialized surgical oncology teams.

Our growing team of medical oncologists brings a new and innovative approach to cancer care in the Mid-Hudson Valley.

They can then be seen having aggressive sex, followed by a trip for the adolescent and her stern-looking mother to a therapist with a prominently displayed safe sex poster.

Broken homes are a common thread—the adolescent is raised by a single mother, while the younger girl is witness to her father’s extramarital affair.

She had a few dates and a steady boyfriend her sophomore year, but mostly spent time with one good girlfriend.

Her granddaughter lives with her now in Chappaqua, and Stephanie is not so different.

The titular ruins, as Connolly herself notes in an interview,refer to people rather than architecture: “Instead of ruined buildings, this film contains ruined people who seek refuge in imaginary/disappearing places.”(1) And yet a sense of collapse, or of never having had a solid foundation to begin with, is deeply inscribed on the built architecture of the video’s setting.

Thinking about the rigidity of the '50s, Cardone says, "I think that being a dating teen now is much healthier and open." But when we talk about teens dating, we often talk about openness gone awry.When Stephanie describes high school parties, they sound a lot like the ones anyone attended—with loud music, drinking, and people sneaking off in pairs.But her classmates might hook up with multiple people in a night.Week after week, they come with their memories of love, loss and life-altering events, while outside, the majestic Hudson River changes with the seasons.One by one, the writers read their work aloud, sometimes pausing as a train whooshes past.

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  1. Perhaps she’s been spending time with friends more often, or is being secretive and vague when you ask her questions. Your girlfriend goes to the bathroom, your eyes laser beam over to her cell phone, and before you know it, you’re scrolling through her text messages, looking for a reason you feel a knife twisting in your gut every time she says she’s going out with friends.