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I'm a motor vehicle mechanic in Australia and I'm looking at doing some kind of working holiday in Canada, I know absolutely no one there so I'd like to try and meet some people and also try and find out what I'm in for before I just turn up !! It would be nice to write to a female under 38 with or with out kids.

Im open minded and non judgemental and one that accepts responsibility of actions and of choices.

The emerald has been deliberately cut by the Indian cutters and polishers of the period, as a table-cut, rectangular shaped gemstone, with two parallel flat rectangular faces, enabling the master gem carvers to take over and convert it into a masterpiece in gem carving with intricate floral designs on one side and beautiful Arabic calligraphy in the Naksh script on the other.

The dimensions of the emerald are 52 x 40 x 12 mm, and the mid-point of each of the four sides of the rectangle has been drilled for attachments, so that the gemstone could be mounted and worn as a talisman, with the Arabic inscriptions facing outwards. Allah-humma salli ala Muhammad wa Ali - God bless Muhammad and Ali Line 2 - Wa Fathima wa al-Hassan wa Hussain wa Ali - and Fatimah and al-Hassan and al-Hussain and Ali Line 3 - Wa Muhammad wa Ja'far wa Musa - and Muhammad and Ja'far and Musa Line 4 - 11V - 1107, Wa Ali wa Muhammad wa Ali - and Ali and Muhammad and Ali Line 5 - Wal Hussain wal Mahdi al ka'hirah - and al-Hussain and the steadfast Mahdi The 12 Imams (Leaders of the faith) of Shia Islam after the death of Prophet Muhammad are :- 1) Imam Ali Ibn Abu Ta'lib (4th Caliph of Islam) 2) Imam Hassan (son of Ali) 3) Imam Hussein (son of Ali) 4) Imam Ali Zain-al-abdeen 5) Imam Muhammad al-Baqir 6) Imam Ja'far as-SThe names given in bold characters are the names of the 12 Imams appearing on the invocation carved on the emerald.

The young wanderer in the fairy journey gets new friends and get acquainted with the amazing characters not seen before, and the characters, and they rise to the aid and defense of a cute traveler.The Mughal emerald is a magnificent historic carved emerald, belonging to the period of the last of the four great Mughal Emperors of India, Aurangzeb who reigned between 16.The table-cut emerald, with two rectangular flat faces, with dimensions of 5.2 cm by 4.0 cm, and a thickness of 1.2 cm, is a symbol of the greatest cultural, literary and artistic achievements attained by India, during one of the golden periods in its history, the Mughal period, which also gave us the architectural marvels such as the internationally renowned mausoleum, the Taj Mahal, and other architectural master pieces such as the giant fortress cum palace complex, the Lal Kila or the Red Fort of Delhi, and the Great Mosque of Delhi also known as the Jami Masjid.Oftentimes, owners can distinguish between emeralds by their distinct inclusions, functioning as unique identifiers for the stones.About emeralds, Pliny said, “No stone has a color that is more delightful to the eye, for, whereas the sight fixes itself with avidity upon the green grass and the foliage of the trees, we have all the more pleasure in looking upon the emerald, there being no gem in existence more intense than this.” Following Pliny’s advice, the Roman Emperor, Nero, watched gladiator fights through emerald-encrusted sunglasses.

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