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The theory of psychosocial development created by Erik Erikson is perhaps one of the best known personality theories.The theory differs from many others in that it addresses development across the entire lifespan, from birth through death.She begins this process by outlining how each of the four functions is divided into the cognitive functions.These are the introverted and extraverted forms of each of the four functions, although the terms are not used in the book.These stages are conceived in an almost architectural sense: satisfactory learning and resolution of each crisis is necessary if the child is to manage the next and subsequent ones satisfactorily, just as the foundation of a house is essential to the first floor, which in turn must be structurally sound to support and the second story, and so on.Chronologically, this is the period of infancy through the first one or two years of life.The second psychosocial crisis, Erikson believes, occurs during early childhood, probably between about 18 months or 2 years and 3½ to 4 years of age.The “well – parented” child emerges from this stage sure of himself, elated with his new found control, and proud rather than ashamed.

These are followed by a page and half description of each temperament. This combines the eight cognitive functions with the four temperaments.The child, well – handled, nurtured, and loved, develops trust and security and a basic optimism.Badly handled, he becomes insecure and mistrustful.Does he seem nocturnal to you because you only see him at night? If you've never been out in public or seen the sun out with your boo, that's a sign, and it's not a good one.And going next door to get some take-away pizza while you “Netflix and chill” does not count. Do you have to blast his phone like 10,000 times to get one response? Basically, if he is not interested in keeping up the conversation or he's not giving details, then he either has a girlfriend or is part of the mafia. I get that with feminism, equality and all that jazz, we shouldn't always expect a man to pick up the check. Well, guys like to impress their fair ladies, and that includes at least Are you guys friends on Facebook? Does he like (at least) some of the things you post?

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