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We love it, we hate it, it’s confusing and it’s impossible to understand, but texting is a necessary evil of the dating world.

But what do you do when you haven’t even met the guy yet and he’s been blowing up your i Phone?

He seemed upset and surprised when I didn’t feel we had enough chemistry to go out again and I actually had to block his number because he wouldn’t stop texting me. You’re trying to figure out whether someone is the right one for you based on a handful of photos, descriptive paragraphs, likes and dislikes, and messages. At first it seems sweet that they care but eventually you realize they want a texting relationship rather than a real one. Any notion romance may have been replaced with Netflix and take-out but that doesn’t mean you have to jump into a relationship super fast just because the guy wants to talk to you all the time before your first date.The article says this: “It’s a trend we’ve coined ‘premature escalation’…since our whole world is so instant now, people can craft entire personas through their slew of texts…We often have a tendency to share things behind the screen that we may not reveal to someone in the flesh until much later.The New York Post even has a name for this—premature escalation.

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None of these guys actually call me to schedule the next date. I can see this happening maybe once, but three times?

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