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The verdict came as a shock to courtroom observers who, unlike the jury, had access to the uncensored, and highly titillating, e-mail exchanges between Jovanovic and his accuser, 57 pages of exchanges that took place both before and after the alleged torture incident that marked their only off-line date.By ignoring 'Net dynamics and accepting his e-mail postings as pure representations of truth rather than admixtures of fantasy, the verdict exposed the failure of many traditional institutions to grasp the psychological upheaval wrought by cyberculture."The authors found that cybersex addiction in the study population of heterosexual female users is similar to that of heterosexual males," says Editor-in-Chief Brenda K.

Online, I wasn’t overweight, nearsighted, brace-faced and lacking in social skills.In the wee small hours of the morning, they do not sit alone in a bar weeping into their beers.Typing away on their computer keyboards, sending and receiving messages on their screens, they are in a place beyond meditation.“We have to double our efforts not only in the campaign against illegal drugs and gambling, but also in this (cybercrime),” he said.Sumagaysay said they have to educate and empower the families as the victims of cybersex crimes are children.

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