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Despite being more popular than ever, online dating still remains a potential minefield for social etiquette and self-esteem.

The “rules” of online dating are, for the most part, unspecified and unspoken and prone to change without any seeming warning.

I reached out to the Nerd Love readership on Facebook and Twitter to answer some of the most perplexing frequently asked online dating questions.

There several things hiding your profile do but primarily it removes you from search results.

However, if you unhide your profile you will appear in this section for anyone you viewed.

As someone who signs up for services to review or test them, I’m very familiar with this process! Additionally, you will not be shown in people’s “Who’s Viewed Me” section.

What Does It Mean If She Looked at My Profile but Didn’t Wink? Can I Hide My Profile But Still Quality for Guarantee?

Keep this in mind if for some reason you’re hiding your profile in an attempt to not let people know you were looking at them!

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