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It’s a book that explores girlhood, secrets, ambition, and the ways that a family works when a prodigy is among them.

The themes in this book traverse some of the same territory she’s tread in previous thrillers, as well as in her earlier noir titles, but she does so in a way that continues to be fresh, exciting, and absolutely worth delving into.

Kathleen, herself the victim of a kidnapping attempt at gun point by an obsessive stalker, teamed up with then California State Senator Ed Royce to pass the nation’s first anti-stalking law (SB2184). She’s spoken to millions of people through appearances on and contributing features to The Today Show, America’s Most Wanted, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, The Security Brief with Paul Viollis, and ABC World News Tonight.

In 1997, she and now US Congressman Royce teamed up again to help pass the first Federal Anti-Stalking Law (H. “I had to learn to care about my personal safety the hard way, I had to learn every possible aspect of personal safety to stay alive, so that’s my motivation.” Kathleen said that her trial by fire still came at a price, but what she’s learned is what she teaches. So that’s always been my thing.” Kathleen’s approach is fun, relatable, positive and gets right down to the heart of the matter.

However, when watching horror films aimed at children, most of us adults will go to great lengths to hide our unease and ultimately to protect our egos. We believe the films below are justifiably horrifying, despite them technically being films aimed at children.

So next time you watch, don't hold back, cover your eyes and cry for help.

On the surface, it’s a story about ambition and the sacrifices a family will make to ensure success. Some people found it funny, others found it problematic, or worse.

I have a friend in the industry, the book publishing industry, who collects little books. and I’ve dog-eared “Call It In”: I can almost see the Downtown scene from this poem.

Another early 90s film with ghastly witches, this cult classic has held the test of time and is still just as disturbing to watch now as it was as a child.

The bewitching trio of Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy are captivating as The Sanderson Sisters.

“It’s not about being paranoid, it’s about making smart personal safety choices so you don’t find yourself in dangerous settings in the first place.” Catch Kathleen on the Main Stage Saturday, October 22nd at pm & Sunday, October 23rd at am for a special Mother/Daughter Safety Chick Chat.

This will be her second time to the West Coast Women’s Show, and told me she loves the event: “All these entrepreneurial women, with all these different businesses, and the best way I can describe it is walking into a Superbowl-filled arena full of empowered women, who are just there to have fun. ” Stage Schedules are available here: Main Stage, Health & Wellness Stage, Kitchen Theatre Stage, Beauty & Cosmetics Stage, Cheese Tasting Stage.

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These two things may not appear to have anything in common, but the novel follows a gymnastics prodigy whose family puts everything on the line to help their daughter succeed.

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