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SBDCs are staffed with highly trained and experienced business advisors who offer one-on-one, confidential, and no-cost counseling to help with your business needs.

For more, see the Development Services Agency's Entrepreneurship and Small Business website, including frequently asked questions. The SBDC program is also funded in part by the Ohio Development Services Agency.

November 1 – Group Therapy Research Projects: The Group Foundation for Advancing Mental Health is seeking applications from researchers focused on the effectiveness of group psychotherapy. Aetna Foundation -- For the 2010 grant cycle the Aetna Foundation will focus its grant making on issues that improve health and the healthcare system in three areas, one of them being Racial and Ethnic Healthcare Equity.

November 30 – Investigator-Initiated Research to Build a Culture of Health: The objective is to support quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research that yields findings regarding the population health, well-being, and equity impacts of specific policies, programs and partnerships. The program supports groups working to advance state policies that restrict the juvenile justice system’s use of incarceration and expand the use of community-based programs.

Upon receiving a guardianship guide, the guardian shall sign the form specified in division (C) of this section.

The signed form shall be kept permanently in the guardianship file of the probate court of the Revised Code, a guardian of the person, the estate, or both, of a minor or incompetent, provided the person for whom the guardian is to be appointed is a resident of the county or has a legal settlement in the county the opportunity to have the assistance of counsel in the proceeding for the appointment of that guardian.

If you suspect abuse or neglect, call 855-444-3911 any time day or night.

This toll-free phone number allows you to report abuse or neglect of any child or adult.

The court shall furnish this alternative guardianship guide in accordance with the provisions of this section.If the court issues a shared parenting order under this division and it is necessary for the purpose of receiving public assistance, the court shall designate which one of the parents' residences is to serve as the child's home.The child support obligations of the parents under a shared parenting order issued under this division shall be determined in accordance with Chapters 3119., 3121., 3123., and 3125. When making the allocation of the parental rights and responsibilities for the care of the children under this section in an original proceeding or in any proceeding for modification of a prior order of the court making the allocation, the court shall take into account that which would be in the best interest of the children. The page is divided into governmental grant opportunities and foundation grant opportunities. August 31 – Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative: The primary purpose of this grant program is to (1) Build Tribal, Urban Indian Organizations, and Federal capacity to provide coordinated community responses to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) victims of domestic and sexual violence, (2) Increase access to domestic and sexual violence prevention, advocacy, crisis intervention, and behavioral health services for AI/AN victims and their families, (3). September 8 – Alaska Native Tribal Resource Center on Domestic Violence: The ANTRC will offer a comprehensive array of statewide community education, training, and technical assistance to Indian Tribes and tribal organizations, specifically designed to enhance the capacity of the Tribes (Alaska Natives) and tribal organizations to respond to family violence, domestic violence, and dating violence in a culturally sensitive and relevant manner. To be eligible, applicants must be a nonprofit organization located in a rural region of the Medica service area in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Wisconsin. For more information on these three program areas click here.The Government Grant Opportunities section is organized by due date. August 18 – Health Information Campaign for American Indian/Alaska Native Subcontracts: The Office of Minority Health Resource Center is awarding subcontracts to organizations that primarily serve the AI/AN populations to strengthen existing HIV prevention services, testing, and increase AI/AN referrals to HIV care. August 23 – Substance Abuse Treatment Telehealth Network Grant Program: The purpose of this program is to demonstrate how telehealth programs and networks can improve access to health care services, particularly substance abuse treatment services, in rural, frontier, and underserved communities. American Legion Child Welfare Foundation -- The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation annually accepts proposals from nonprofit organizations for projects that meet one of the foundation's two basic purposes — to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare of children through the dissemination of knowledge about new and innovative organizations and/or their programs designed to benefit youth; and to contribute to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual welfare of children through the dissemination of knowledge already possessed by well-established organizations, to the end that such information can be more adequately used by society.

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Any person who is eligible for a loan under the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, any amendments thereto or re-enactment thereof, the Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1952, any amendments thereto or re-enactment thereof, the Act of September 2, 1958, Public Law 85-857 , 72 Stat.

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